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Coco is Back!

Hallo everyone!!Happy New Year! Mang mang!!

I’m finally back on the internet after five months now that M let me use the computer again :3

Oh so many things to tell y’all but where to start where to start?

How about, that I no longer live in Bali? That is right, I have moved! Now I live in this noisy place that is not as pretty as my old place but with just as many roofs I can explore and even more cockroaches.

I kinda miss Moka, Ginger, Mini, and Cleo, and Foxy (and Mini too, sometimes, when I REALLY have nothing else to think about) but I’m getting used to live here. I have found some new friends (they’re all tomcats and M sez they all have no home so sometimes she feeds them but they are BIG tomcats!Bigger than me! Even bigger than Ginger!)


He is one of them. C decided to call him Fat Tony, cos he is fat and looks like a Tony. I taught him how to climb on M’s window which always opens, and now he always gets in uninvited and eats my leftover and then goes back into M’s room and, if M’s there, he would meow and ask M to open the front door so he can go out like a boss. Sometimes he also sits next to M on the bed and acts like he is her cat!! What a nerve! But sometimes I don’t mind. I like Fat Tony and I like sniffing his behind, but he doesn’t seem to like me…wonder why…well I know sometimes I hiss at him (and hiss at him…claw his face…try to bite his tail..) but most of the time I’m just being very friendly.

Fat Tony also has these odd eyes. M doesn’t know what happened to him (of course, what does she know at all? tsk tsk..)


Fat Tony is fat.

So yes! I’m enjoying my new life! ‘Cept for the part when M is out for her work and that I only get to see C through this stupid tiny computer tv (C, if you read this, I want my big black box back!I don’t like the cat tree and the human baby tent M bought me! At all!)

Uh oh Fat Tony is coming. I have to scare sniff him!Bye for now!

Lots of love and new friends and butts to sniff,



That’s me…

Yep, that’s me waiting for a cockroach to come down.


Much love and cockroaches,


Nina and Me

Nina didn’t see it coming…

We know how to strike a pose. I know my best angles. Did you know M made her bed for this photo shoot? She never made her bed before.

Skinny Nina

M cleaned her bed but forgot her laundry.

She doesn’t look that small here, but she really is. Like, *this* small.

I was looking outside the window, then Nina joined me. I was staring at nothingness, as usual. I’m pretty sure Nina couldn’t find what I was staring at but she tried her best to pull a serious face and pretended she knew what she was staring at.

Nina is weird, don’t you think?

Did y’all miss me??

It’s been a month since I last wrote anything here…did y’all miss me?? well so many things happened that I really wanted to tell you but I’ve been sooo super busy, and not only because all those cockroaches! (and frogs and lizards and fish. who knew landlord’s tiny garden has so many things behind those plants?)

First there was Apples’ 19th birthday. I’ve never seen Apples before but M has told me about her and how pretty she is and I know Apples and Tante Paula sometimes read my blog, so if you’re reading this, Apples, happy belated birthday!! For you who didn’t know, Apples is a cat! Just like me! I’m only 7 months old and she is 19 years old! So many exclamation marks, I know!! But isn’t Apples just amazing?? I don’t think she is as old and ancient as M and C but she must know so much about this world already…So Tante Apples, I heard you weren’t feeling good last week but I hope you feel so much better now! To make you feel even betterer, here’s a photo of me!

for Apples

mang!mang! You feel betterer oready?


Secondly, my sister Foxy has moved out, a family has adopted her. Sometimes I miss her, but M told me she is now living with a great family who loves her so very much so I guess it’s okay. M also said that now she has a swimming pool….but I have my water bucket so that’s also okay and I don’t envy her!! I will miss times like these tho:


good ole times when Foxy used to bitchslap me


And then this new baby came one day. Like everyone of us, she was a rescue cat. She used to live at Tante Deb’s working place with his baby brother, but then sadly he died. Tante Deb and M decided she should go home and live with all of us. So ever since three weeks ago, Nina has been living here. Nina is a true naughty baby! Tante Deb calls her Ninja Nina cos she moves like a ninja here and there. We didn’t get along at first but I sort of gave up and let her chew my tail every now and then. And she looks so much like Tante Cleo!

Baby Rascal Ninja Nina

And then of course Tante Cleo gave birth to her four babies! They smell so weird… and they even smaller than Ninja Nina…what’s the deal with all these kitties being so small these days?…I will show you their pics later. Hope Tante Cleo will never have babies no more. Rumour has it that they won’t let her run away again¬† next time the pphhats come to fix her so she won’t have more babies.

(And why do they call it “fixing”? what is there to fix? Mini’s face needs a fix, I’m telling you. He did get a fix, but his face is still so fugly so they definitely didn’t fix his face. Well they better come back and do it.)

So anyways! Glad to be back here and tell you what happened around here in Bali. More posts coming up right away after this, so stay still and tell your mummies and papas to get you your nibbles!

Much love and fix fix fix!




All for nothing

Hello everybody,

I really like sleeping in my house, especially on my pillows,which for some reason M and C think it’s their pillows. I pity the fools! Anyway, today I felt intrigued to look outside the window. What is outside that window? I suspect it must be where all the cockroaches come from. I have to go!

I quickly realize that this window is a challenge. The front door is wide open, I know. But I also know that the world outside the door and the one outside this window are completely unrelated. I must go out the window! A cockroach paradise is waiting for me, I can basically already smell their sweet cockroach smell. I must jump!

Um okay, almost. This didn’t hurt a bit, honestly! Excuse me while imma try again to jump over to the window from my bed. Although the door is wide open. That doesn’t matter now. Here I gooooo!

Ahaha! I made it! And look at this! Do you see it? Absolutely nothing! Interesting. I will just sit here, sqeezing in between the frame and the window pane barely able to move and watch. There again! I saw nothing at all! Did you see it, too? I could sit here for hours. So much joy.

Love & as much nothing to look at as you could ever wish for,


Bye-bye Billy

Billy was another Tante Deb’s kitty, the tiniest one, until Misha and her mum Amanda came and brought him home with them. He didn’t move far, just nearby so whenever we wanted to, we could just see him.

I didn’t play much with him when he was here because he was so tiny. M and C and Tante Deb never really let us big cats play with him because, well yeah, sometimes we just didn’t see him and stepped on him or ran him over. He was just that tiny. Sometimes he played with M and C when Tante Deb was busy at work.¬† He would sit on C’s lap and watch us big cats played in the room. He ate alot too. Like, SUPER alot. He liked big cats food and so happy to join us big cats eating together and just squeezed between us. He was really really oh really so tiny. He was also C’s favourite kitten and I didn’t mind because he was so tiny, even though he was LOUD.

They said Billy crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago.

It means he is somewhere where he can eat all he wants and can have all the other tiny kitty friends he wants to play with. This bridge sounds awesome, I’m telling you, being rainbow and all that. Just that you can only go there alone and your mama and papa and friends can’t meet you until they cross this bridge themselves.

I think I’m gonna miss Billy’s loud voice now that I can never hear him anymore.

much love and fish and playmates for you, Billy

Update: If you wonder how Billy’s loud voice used to sound like, this comes pretty close:

Tree hugger

Yes, yes, I have so many energies today so I climbed the tree all the way up. And I look very determined while doing so!

Love, cockroaches and trees to hug for all,


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