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Tree hugger

September 19, 2012

Yes, yes, I have so many energies today so I climbed the tree all the way up. And I look very determined while doing so!

Love, cockroaches and trees to hug for all,



From → Garden, Supercat

  1. Hi Coco! I know you stopped by my blog today so I thought I’d return the favor……Mom and I think you are absolutely ADORABLE. You were really tiny when you adopted your humans – and so very thin you poor little thing. You seem to have come a long way since June – and while I know NOTHING about Bali, I bet you do have some nice bugs to munch on and great trees to climb! Grow strong little Coco so you can keep the evil Fat Lady Cat away… 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Hi Sammy! Yes, I want to be a big and strong Bali cat when I grow up. As big and strong as you are if I can! Let me know how you got there some time!

    *Soft paw strike*, Coco

    • Hi Coco….I’ve had a lot of years to get big and strong….I’ll be 13 years old in January! Your house in Bali looks very nice – my parents know NOTHING about Bali but the plants outside your windows sure are pretty! I don’t have cockroaches here, but we DO have a lot of crickets and I’m a master cricket catcher. I’ve been known to catch a chipmunk or two also but Mom makes me spit them out and they run away into the woods. Gee…all that work for nothing!

      Kitty Hugs, Your Friend Sammy

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