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Bye-bye Billy

September 21, 2012

Billy was another Tante Deb’s kitty, the tiniest one, until Misha and her mum Amanda came and brought him home with them. He didn’t move far, just nearby so whenever we wanted to, we could just see him.

I didn’t play much with him when he was here because he was so tiny. M and C and Tante Deb never really let us big cats play with him because, well yeah, sometimes we just didn’t see him and stepped on him or ran him over. He was just that tiny. Sometimes he played with M and C when Tante Deb was busy at work.  He would sit on C’s lap and watch us big cats played in the room. He ate alot too. Like, SUPER alot. He liked big cats food and so happy to join us big cats eating together and just squeezed between us. He was really really oh really so tiny. He was also C’s favourite kitten and I didn’t mind because he was so tiny, even though he was LOUD.

They said Billy crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago.

It means he is somewhere where he can eat all he wants and can have all the other tiny kitty friends he wants to play with. This bridge sounds awesome, I’m telling you, being rainbow and all that. Just that you can only go there alone and your mama and papa and friends can’t meet you until they cross this bridge themselves.

I think I’m gonna miss Billy’s loud voice now that I can never hear him anymore.

much love and fish and playmates for you, Billy

Update: If you wonder how Billy’s loud voice used to sound like, this comes pretty close:

  1. Deb Oliver permalink

    Tante Deb here, thankyou Coco for writing something so beautiful about our little Billie- it made me cry! I miss him but I’m happy his Aunty Mischa was cuddling him when he went to Rainbow Bridge. Wow yes he used to talk a lot didn’t he? Especially at 3am hehehe.. Billie thanks for the short but wonderful time we had with you, we love you! From Mama-Deb, M & C, Amanda, Mischa, your cousins Coco and Foxy, your Mama-Cat Cleo, your sisters Moka, Ginger, Mo Catnice and brother Mini xxx

  2. Hi there, Tante Deb! Thanks for sharing those words with us. And also thanks for sharing your dinner with me the other day! It wasn’t so bad so maybe I’ll come by more often from now on, wouldn’t that be great? Anyway, since you also miss Billy, I updated the post with Billy’s voice (all the way down there). Oh his beautifully unique voice…

  3. Oh Coco….I’m so sorry you lost your little, tiny friend Billy. He really was very small. The Rainbow Bridge is a lovely place though and Billy will be there keeping an eye on you and the rest of his family down here I’m sure!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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