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Did y’all miss me??

October 24, 2012

It’s been a month since I last wrote anything here…did y’all miss me?? well so many things happened that I really wanted to tell you but I’ve been sooo super busy, and not only because all those cockroaches! (and frogs and lizards and fish. who knew landlord’s tiny garden has so many things behind those plants?)

First there was Apples’ 19th birthday. I’ve never seen Apples before but M has told me about her and how pretty she is and I know Apples and Tante Paula sometimes read my blog, so if you’re reading this, Apples, happy belated birthday!! For you who didn’t know, Apples is a cat! Just like me! I’m only 7 months old and she is 19 years old! So many exclamation marks, I know!! But isn’t Apples just amazing?? I don’t think she is as old and ancient as M and C but she must know so much about this world already…So Tante Apples, I heard you weren’t feeling good last week but I hope you feel so much better now! To make you feel even betterer, here’s a photo of me!

for Apples

mang!mang! You feel betterer oready?


Secondly, my sister Foxy has moved out, a family has adopted her. Sometimes I miss her, but M told me she is now living with a great family who loves her so very much so I guess it’s okay. M also said that now she has a swimming pool….but I have my water bucket so that’s also okay and I don’t envy her!! I will miss times like these tho:


good ole times when Foxy used to bitchslap me


And then this new baby came one day. Like everyone of us, she was a rescue cat. She used to live at Tante Deb’s working place with his baby brother, but then sadly he died. Tante Deb and M decided she should go home and live with all of us. So ever since three weeks ago, Nina has been living here. Nina is a true naughty baby! Tante Deb calls her Ninja Nina cos she moves like a ninja here and there. We didn’t get along at first but I sort of gave up and let her chew my tail every now and then. And she looks so much like Tante Cleo!

Baby Rascal Ninja Nina

And then of course Tante Cleo gave birth to her four babies! They smell so weird… and they even smaller than Ninja Nina…what’s the deal with all these kitties being so small these days?…I will show you their pics later. Hope Tante Cleo will never have babies no more. Rumour has it that they won’t let her run away again  next time the pphhats come to fix her so she won’t have more babies.

(And why do they call it “fixing”? what is there to fix? Mini’s face needs a fix, I’m telling you. He did get a fix, but his face is still so fugly so they definitely didn’t fix his face. Well they better come back and do it.)

So anyways! Glad to be back here and tell you what happened around here in Bali. More posts coming up right away after this, so stay still and tell your mummies and papas to get you your nibbles!

Much love and fix fix fix!




  1. Hi Coco! YES you have been missed – I was just thinking the other day that I hoped you and your humans were OK there in far away Bali ! Sounds like lots of stuff has been happening – your sister has moved out and a new little one has moved in…..Nina is cute but of course not nearly as cute as YOU are. Again, glad you’re BACK and don’t stay away so long next time cuz we missed you.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Aww – hello Nina. So glad Foxy got a great new home.

  3. Paula permalink

    Hi Coco, so good to see you back, it sounds like you have had a busy time lately and not just chasing all those little critters that you love to catch and nibble on but also saying goodbye to Foxy, I am sure you miss her and welcoming Nina to the family. She is very sweet, so tiny and I know you will be a good girl and care for her.

    Thank you for my belated birthday wishes Coco, I had a lovely birthday, my mum bought me a cupcake and put a candle in it but she wouldn’t let me eat it because I am a diabetic – she let me look at it and I had my photo taken with it and then guess what she did – she ate it – I couldn’t believe my eyes – fancy eating my cake when it was my birthday!

    19 years of age in cat years is 133 years old Coco so I am much older than your Mum and even my mum and yes your heard correctly, I was very sick a few days ago. I had to be rushed to the vet as I had a diabetic hypo and my lovely vet spent 3.5 hours getting me stabilised again. I am very lucky to have such a nice vet, she is so kind to me and when she took some blood from my legs she put a pink bandage with blue smiley faces on both my legs and I looked very cute.

    I am getting sleepy now Coco so I will say goodbye, nice to hear from you again and you and Ninja Nina both be good for your Mum.

    Apples xx

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