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Nina and Me

October 24, 2012

Nina didn’t see it coming…

We know how to strike a pose. I know my best angles. Did you know M made her bed for this photo shoot? She never made her bed before.

Skinny Nina

M cleaned her bed but forgot her laundry.

She doesn’t look that small here, but she really is. Like, *this* small.

I was looking outside the window, then Nina joined me. I was staring at nothingness, as usual. I’m pretty sure Nina couldn’t find what I was staring at but she tried her best to pull a serious face and pretended she knew what she was staring at.

Nina is weird, don’t you think?


From → neighbour cats

  1. Oh Coco I think Nina is adorable……she is tiny and skinny but maybe your humans can fatten her up with good food AND you can share some of those cockroaches you catch with her??!! I especially like the picture of the two of you at the window together – I’m sure Nina likes having you to play with – you can show her the ropes since you’re older!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. You are both absolutely adorable!!! I think that last photo is my favourite – just makes me smile 🙂

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