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That’s me…

November 17, 2012

Yep, that’s me waiting for a cockroach to come down.


Much love and cockroaches,



From → Supercat

  1. Deb Oliver permalink

    Ya M & C, why do we even bother buying them toys? Mine just play with ants, roaches and dragonflies.. they hardly ever touch their toys hehehe.. nice to see you’re still posting Coco! Love Tante deb xxx

  2. Coco you’re being ever so patient waiting there for that nice juicy cockroach to come down close enough for a pounce! Hope you didn’t have to wait TOO long!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Hope you get it!

  4. Oohhh… I’ve never seen one of those bugs before. We have earwigs here in Canada. You ever see one of those?

  5. Hi Coco! It’s your friend in Virginia – Sammy again….I wanted to stop back by and tell you I nominated you for a blog award in my blog today! Just visit and copy the badge to post on your blog (if you want to) and follow the instructions…’s easy AND it’s a mighty nice award.

    Kitty Hugs, Your Friend Sammy 😀

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