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Coco is Back!

April 18, 2013

Hallo everyone!!Happy New Year! Mang mang!!

I’m finally back on the internet after five months now that M let me use the computer again :3

Oh so many things to tell y’all but where to start where to start?

How about, that I no longer live in Bali? That is right, I have moved! Now I live in this noisy place that is not as pretty as my old place but with just as many roofs I can explore and even more cockroaches.

I kinda miss Moka, Ginger, Mini, and Cleo, and Foxy (and Mini too, sometimes, when I REALLY have nothing else to think about) but I’m getting used to live here. I have found some new friends (they’re all tomcats and M sez they all have no home so sometimes she feeds them but they are BIG tomcats!Bigger than me! Even bigger than Ginger!)


He is one of them. C decided to call him Fat Tony, cos he is fat and looks like a Tony. I taught him how to climb on M’s window which always opens, and now he always gets in uninvited and eats my leftover and then goes back into M’s room and, if M’s there, he would meow and ask M to open the front door so he can go out like a boss. Sometimes he also sits next to M on the bed and acts like he is her cat!! What a nerve! But sometimes I don’t mind. I like Fat Tony and I like sniffing his behind, but he doesn’t seem to like me…wonder why…well I know sometimes I hiss at him (and hiss at him…claw his face…try to bite his tail..) but most of the time I’m just being very friendly.

Fat Tony also has these odd eyes. M doesn’t know what happened to him (of course, what does she know at all? tsk tsk..)


Fat Tony is fat.

So yes! I’m enjoying my new life! ‘Cept for the part when M is out for her work and that I only get to see C through this stupid tiny computer tv (C, if you read this, I want my big black box back!I don’t like the cat tree and the human baby tent M bought me! At all!)

Uh oh Fat Tony is coming. I have to scare sniff him!Bye for now!

Lots of love and new friends and butts to sniff,



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  1. Welcome back. My word, it has been a long time. Hope you’ll be telling us a lot more about wherever you are living now. I think Fat Tony looks like a great new friend. I’m sure you’ll get used to him in time and stop all that hissy stuff

  2. Gosh Coco, it’s been a very long time! New friends, new home – where are you now? Bali looked quite interesting and you had lots of lizards and bugs and stuff…….I’m sure you miss them. Fat Tony looks pretty cool – when we last saw you, you were pretty small – I bet you’ve grown a whole bunch!!! Nice to have you back…..we missed you!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Deb Oliver permalink

    Yaaaaay! I love CocoBronco blog.. But i want to see a recent photo of Lady Coco. Moka, Cleo (she’s now kind of a psycho- too many babies messed with her head I think) and Mini all say hi. I’m lying; Mini doesn’t actually say hi. I was just being polite. Remember when Mini’s face got swollen and needed fixing? It happened again recently, he looked so weird. Speaking of faces that need fixing- Fat Tony has a weird goopy mouth just like Mini. Maybe they’re related. Wow Coco, lucky you’ve been sterilised with all those frisky tomcats around! Don’t be a skank like Cleo was!! Omg..

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