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Tante Cleo

Yet another neighbor cat and she happens to be Foxy’s sister! Goes by the name of Cleo. C and M say she is my tante and call her Tante Cleo, or Weirdo, or Black Nothing. Not sure what they mean by that. Just look at this picture and all you can think of is “Cleo the Baws” or maybe “Don Cleo”!

Well to tell the truth she is a very.. special lady. Not only is she pregnant all the time (what a slut) but also she is very skinny and a very good Salsa dancer indeed! So to do her justice maybe I should add another picture.

What a slut.

Love & so many cats for all,





Where’s C and his big black box?

Hi y’all!

it’s been a verry verry busy week for me I didn’t even have the time to update my blog!

Earlier this week I played with this verry verry big green bug, it was very interesting until he didn’t wanna play with me anymore…he just sat still on the floor and didn’t move a single antennae! I poked him with my soft paw but he ignored me, I thought that was very rude!

and then I also just had my surgery! I’m not sure why but one day these “pphhats” came by and they said they would ‘fix’ me and the next thing I knew I was walking around in circle at home and couldn’t control myself! I hit Mini in the face accidentally…if there’s anything to be fixed I think it’s Mini’s face..

and then this weekend I had to stay at Tante Deb’s place because M and C left for the whole two days. When I asked if I could go with them, they said they were going to this something they called “A Horrible Place” so I couldn’t go with them. Must be really horrible because when they came home C’s skin looked like a cooked prawn!

Talking about C, he left yesterday. He left with the big black box where he usually kept his clothes in. Heard he was going to this place called Germania…can you imagine all the germs living there, no wonder M and C were crying so much before he left! He tried to give me a kiss before he left but ewww of course I didn’t want that!…well wherever he went to I hope he comes back soon, or at least sends the big black box back cos I love napping in it.

and I haven’t seen him also today. Oh well…probably this Germania is a far far away place…

anyway, I wanna show you a picture when I was just a little innocent kitty.

I was so skinny yeah? That’s when I decided I should go home with M and C so I could have all the mackerels and cockroaches they could offer.

I’m all big and strong now, as you all know. I’m pretty satisfied with M and C’s food service so far.

I just really wish C would bring back the big black box soon so I can continue having my nap in there, and then I can grow bigger and stronger! A real super Balinese cat!

much love and cockroaches and big black boxes,


A strange visitor

Mang! Mang!

So today I was hanging out with my friend Foxy








when suddenly, we heard the strangest noise outside!

Well.. I heard it. Foxy is not that clever they say..








I woke her up and went to open the door














and you wouldn’t believe what we saw.
First it was that fat ladycat on MY porch! But what was that?
Somebody came to help us and shooed her away!












It was Molly, the cutest of the dogs from next door. And since the ladycat is our common enemy we can as well be friends, right?
And even better, Molly has a friend and son, named Bello. Bello’s dad is Lolli, but he is huge!

Anyway here is a picture of my new friends, Bolly and Mello, for your enjoyment!

See you all soon, I got some cockroaches to catch and destroy!
Much love and cockroaches and cute friends,


My friend Foxy

Hello everybody!

I am taking some time off my busy schedule of napping and chasing them roaches to introduce my best friend Foxy. Foxy is something like the older sister I never had! And she is a real beauty, is she not?

Foxy came to my neighborhood with her former owner but has since decided to adopt C and M, just like I did. What a good decision because she comes from a family of so many cats. Most of them are my friends now, except for Mini. But more about the others later!

Foxy and me like to play until she complains and leaves. Just like me, Foxy also loves to nap. We have so much in common!


Sometimes I refer to Foxy as my grey toy because I especially like to beat her up. Big time! Maybe I will show you a video another time. Foxy may be bigger than me, but I got all the techniques down to kick her ass!

Last but not least, Foxy really likes to let one rip once in a while. C and M start running around, turning on the fan and opening the windows but I don’t mind so much. Usually because I’m too busy napping!

Love and cockroaches,




Have I told you how much I love napping?


much love and cockroaches and napping,



I enjoy walking on the ceiling, although I don’t always know how to get down. But then again, C is always there as my elevator machine.

C left this morning for Thailand, I heard they have plenty of cockroaches there. Wish I could tag along. But I have to stay behind because M will be in great danger without me and C (well mostly me) what with the fat lady cat and evil cockroaches around.

much love and cockroaches,


A small step for a cat…

Since it’s Caturday today I felt a bit adventurous and thought I’ll take a little walk on the roof

But then after a while it got really boring and I wanted to get down on the ground again. But hey! How to get down? I called my two slaves to come and pick me up! And eventually, obviously, they did!

*Mang!* *Mang!*

Now its most certainly time for a nap!

Much love and cockroaches to all y’all,


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